New blog coming soon!

I’m starting a new major project on Modern Slavery in the UK and will be dedicating a blog attached to my website solely for the subject and will eventually be launching a website.

Until then, you can follow my website and instagram:

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Dad – “People and Passion”.

I’ve been photographing Dad doing his everyday “thing” as part of a university multimedia project called “People and Passion”. He talks about his career and his thoughts as an actor and guru of poetry.

Here’s one that I think is likely to make the edit.

© Amy Romer 2015


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Green Party Launch, The October Gallery

Now that I find myself in the world of long-form narrative, I took another look at photographs I’d taken on my very first shoot on The Green Party at The October Gallery back in February.

The shoot was mostly spent getting my bearings on who was who and focusing on Natalie for the use of the campaign but in amongst it all I have found some images that might be able to sit alongside the larger edit I’m currently working on, which is still in its early stages – as is the campaign itself.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.48.09

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Harry Hardie of Here Press – amazing book workshop today

This morning I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by Harry Hardie of Here Press where he spoke about his journey that lead him from a degree in sculpture to picture editing at The Times, directing a London gallery and finally to the creation of Here Press publishers.

Harry compares Here Press to an independent record label – he’s not interested in The Greatest Hits album and stresses that the books that Here Press publish are the finished work of art.

Not only are the projects he takes on incredibly interesting but his books are beautifully made and lovely to handle. Each book is unique but they are always simple in design, every element somehow complimenting the idea behind the work inside.

I personally recommend looking into these projects that have been published by Here Press:

2041 – anonymous

Control Order House – Edmund Clark

Occupied Spaces – Ben Roberts 

ONO – Natasha Caruana 

I can’t stress how interesting these projects are. Here Press publishes work that challenges politics and raises important questions through the diverse medium of photography. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 18.14.44

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More from the edit: Green Party canvassing for the 2015 general election at Whittington Estate, Highgate and Walker House, Somers Town

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The more I look the more I see. An obvious thing to say but as a photographer, it can be hard to see – particularly when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

This work has varying purposes. Firstly, it is a university project which is an open brief that I am creating as I go along.

Secondly, it is work that can be used by The Green Party for promotion, their website, social media, etc.

Thirdly, the nature of the subject matter and the fact that the general election is just around the corner, means that I’m now wondering who and where might publish my work.

On reflection of the weekend, I definitely found myself being pulled in various directions to please and meet the needs of others, which I think clouded my vision as a student trying to do a mini-feature on canvassing in London (which was the unofficial brief I’d written for myself for the weekend).

However, I think what I’ve got out of the weekend is something different to what I’d set out for, and is certainly not worse than what I’d planned. It’s just less prescribed and less linear.

It’s long-form story telling. And it will require more shoots with an open mind and eyes wide open.

I have to say it’s surprisingly relieving to not know what you’re looking for.

All images Amy Romer © 2015. All rights reserved.

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