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Studio lighting induction


© Amy Romer, 2013

Our first play in the studio. One light and one reflector is already producing a pretty nice portrait.

I’m not too keen on using a105mm lens for portraiture as I did feel a little too close, even when stepping back, but this was another experiment for me.

More fun times to be had tomorrow evening where I want to play with different angles of light and blackening the background.

Thank you Katie Palmer for being a super model.

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Thank you for letting me do this William Klein…

Halloween at Eden, 2013

Winter at Eden. © Amy Romer, 2013

It seems obvious to call this a photograph a failure as I have not captured the main subject in focus. However if it were not for this blurry figure and her expression, I doubt there would be anything in the frame worth looking at.

The blur speaks of spontaneity and community and we are reminded that lacking a certain amount of control can feel exhilarating in our everyday controlled environments.


William Klein – In the crowd, 5th avenue, NY 1955

I came across this picture in a lecture last week and it instantly reminded me of the girl at Eden and helped me understand why pictures like this can work so well.

The woman cuts across the frame in the opposite direction to the crowd, creating a busy and dynamic composition. This is complimented by the unusual focus on the background. The woman is reduced to a figure, but we can see all the important information we need – her expression and her class. The fact that she is out of focus gives emphasis to bustling crowd and the action within it; something Klein masters in his street photography.

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Mortlake Road, Kew

Since the early 1900s, Mortlake Road has been occupied by generations of my family. Over the years, I have listened to stories that centre around the family house. Although I am able to interpret these stories using my knowledge of the house and my imagination, these stories are no longer rememberd by the story teller – my Great Uncle Hugh, who is now suffering from dementia alongside his wife, my Great Auntie Jean.

Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens

They listen as my Father plays them a dictaphone recording of themselves in 2007 talking about the history of the house and their early relationship.

Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens

Portraits of each generation align the upstairs hallway that lead through to what Hugh once used as a study.

Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens

Jean climbing the stairs towards her bedroom.

hugh and jean004

The bedroom.


All images © Amy Romer, 2013

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Penryn/Falmouth Foodbank

In the last 12 months, the number of people requiring help from foodbanks in the UK have gone up by 40%.

In Cornwall, the number has doubled. This has lead to an enquiry lead by David Cameron.

Evidence from Trussell Trust foodbanks shows that rising living costs and stagnant wages are forcing more people to live on a financial knife edge resulting in any change in circumstance potentially forcing people into poverty. Even marginal shifts in prices when people don’t have elasticity in their personal finances can have a major impact. Food prices have risen by 12.6% above inflation over the past six years and rising energy prices this winter are likely to see more people forced to choose between eating and heating. People using foodbanks have started giving back food items that need cooking because they can’t afford to turn on the electricity.

Many people on low-incomes are also being impacted by the implementation of April’s welfare reforms. Trussell Trust foodbanks are reporting increased referrals as a result of the spare room subsidy, sanctioning and confusion caused by the devolution of the Social Fund.

The Penryn/Falmouth branch are finding an increased number of people that have never needed or even considered using the foodbank before. Referees can understandably feel embarrassed or ashamed to feel the need to ask for help but it is becoming progressively evident that the foodbank is being required on a much more national level, with government enquiries taking place on a local and national level.


Volunteers are under pressure to sort through and organise donations in order for them to be distributed accurately to the many people requiring them.


Time is taken to ensure that each individual, couple or family receives a balanced variety of food, which is specific to their needs.


The foodbank often find themselves with an abundance of tinned food but are unable to give families with babies the bare essentials such as UHT milk.

All images © Amy Romer, 2013

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Halloween at Eden

As a busy summer of tourism comes to an end in Cornwall, the Eden Project continue to strive, producing innovative workshops for children throughout the halloween half term as well as getting ready for christmas with their purpose-built winter ice rink, proving popular each year.
All images © Amy Romer 2013
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A Person At Work: Stones Bakery, Falmouth


Third and final subject for my first assignment on Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University.

Out of the three shoots for A Person At Work, this is the set of images I have struggled to decide which to print to 8×10 and use for my January portfolio.

I think this is mainly because they’re the most consistent set of images. I was hoping that our group crit. earlier in the week would help me decide but it seems that all of us are undecided with equal votes for each.

We did manage to eliminate the 3rd image based on the fact that the baker in the picture was not necessarily a baker within the context of the picture.

I’ve printed the other 3 to 8×10 to see if the increase in size would help me form a decision, as is sometimes the case, but at the moment I’m still undecided.

Any thoughts? Please share.

All images © Amy Romer 2013

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