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CV and essays uploaded to blog and website!

I’ve been meaning to complete and add my CV to my website for a while now and finally…I’ve done it. Please take a look if you have five minutes. 

I’ve also uploaded two essays from last year. One is on the New Topographics movement and the other discusses the reasons why photography and the discovery of whale song lead to the world-wide campaign ‘Save the Earth’. 

Both essays were assignments written for BA (Hons) Marine and Natural History Photography in 2013.



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New stories on

I’ve been doing a bit of writing recently to go alongside my picture stories. Something that has been long overdue!


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Identity crisis in Photojournalism

Identity crisis in Photojournalism

Are Photjournalists truly appreciated in the public eye?

“Anyone can get lucky with a few pictures, just like pretty much everyone has one or two dishes they’ve mastered in the kitchen,” said Brooklyn-based freelance photographer Scout Tufankjian, who has documented President Obama, the Haitian earthquake and Arab Spring. “That doesn’t mean that they can produce solid, compelling and ethically produced stories on demand. I make great hummus and kibbe. That doesn’t mean I’m capable of running a restaurant.”

“For many photojournalists, Hart included, the problem is not the iPhone, which is merely a device, after all. The problem is that using it—or any camera, professionally requires an understanding of visual storytelling, which is about sequencing and patience, framing, knowing what to exclude as much as what to include.” 

Quotes taken from:  ”Identity crisis’ in Photojournalism’, American Journalism Review.

Article by Jackie Spinner, December 2013. 

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Mr. Zbieranowski.



An evening in the studio with Mikey Zbieranowski and Jon Denham experimenting with modifiers is an evening well spent. Not to mention a great excuse to photograph some more portraits.

Very slowly I’m feeling more confident about lighting subjects and creating a lighting environment that has the potential to house a successful portrait. 

Soon it will be time to start thinking like this…

‘…to reveal the individual before his camera, to transfer the living quality of that individual to his finished print…Not to make road maps but to record the essential truth of the subject; not to show how this person looks, but to show what he is.’

Edward Weston

© All images Amy Romer, 2013

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More studio portraiture


pierre2 print

All images © Amy Romer 2013

A good session of practicing some classic portraiture lighting. After slowly building up the use of multiple lights and reflectors, these were my favoured outcomes – simple butterfly using a softbox above and to the right, a second flood added to lighten the left side of the background and pick out the head and shoulder outline by ‘tonal interchange’ and on this second image, a hair light to pick out the outline of his hair and bring him forward out of the background.

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Scanning saves the day – extras from Mortlake Road, Kew


Mortlake Road, Kew continues. In preparation for the project being featured in Issuu’s 205dpi December Issue.

I was unable to print these images because of some alien marks on my negatives! Likely to be caused during some stage of processing.

These small cabinets are dotted around the entire house. On them sit photographs of late family members. This is my Grandfather John Romer, the founder and former chairman of the Hong Kong Natural History Society. He also grew up in Mortlake Road. In the garden, the remains of animal enclosures he made as a boy can still be found.


My father inspects the ‘My Daily Visit Records’ left by the care worker. Here, she writes what Hugh and Jean have eaten through the day and any activity they have undertaken.

All images © Amy Romer 2013

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