PEP160 Narrative & Storytelling 1: News, Editorial & Documentary

This blog is dedicated to a new module of my BA(Hons) Press & Editorial Photography course, where I am creating four double-page spread editorials based on two photo stories.

One will use an existing 35mm black and white photo story from module PEP110 (see previous posts on home page), and one will be made up of pictures from a current project, which can be either digital or 35mm analogue.

The main difference between the two double page spreads is that one will be made up from pictures where I have not necessarily shot for an editorial space, where as the second will be pictures I have shot specifically for the editorial space.

For the second double page spread, I have the option to use digital pictures, which opens doors to potentially creating a layout with colour images as opposed to black and white. I will also be given complete control over how many images I can use for the establishing page and the main body, where as for the first spread, I am limited to one picture for the establishing spread.

In a world where there are fewer and fewer jobs within the editorial process, it is necessary to be the ‘architect’ of your own work. Not just being able to take a photograph as a photographer, but to also be the picture editor, journalist, designer and art director.

This blog will hopefully take you on my journey of creating the editorial. I will post what I have been inspired by, my choices of negatives and digital files, the scanning/digital editing processes, successes and struggles with InDesign, lecture notes and so on.

So if you have an interest in creating editorials but don’t know much about it – you may find this page interesting/useful/boring/rubbish.

See you on the next post.

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