Jane Hilton Workshop

Jane Hilton Workshop

1st year Press & Editorial Photography students were lucky enough to have Jane Hilton travel down to Falmouth to give us a workshop in 5×4 large format photography at The Chainlocker pub, where she used reflectors and diffusers to deal with the particularly challenging ever-changing sunlight we experienced that morning.

It was brilliant being able to take a back seat and watch how it’s done by someone like Jane.

Myself and Jon Denham were asked to develop the negatives she had exposed during the workshops. I don’t think I have ever experienced such sweaty palms as when I was handling her negatives in pitch black.

All was okay though (phew!) and she has kindly mentioned us in her latest news feed on her website.

I recommend you check out her amazing projects Dead Eagle Trail – portraits of the American Cowboy and Precious – intimate portraits of the working girls of Nevada.



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