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Paul and Joshua featured on Cartel Photos homepage

Cartel Photos photographic agency have kindly featured my story Paul and Joshua on their homepage this month, in preparation for what should be an exciting start to a more interactive website that will encourage open discussion and involvement on topics that surround the medium of photography.

In a few weeks time, my homepage feature will include a sound byte, where I will be discussing my experiences, challenges and the specific issues I faced surrounding ‘access in photography’.

I will be looking at three projects from the last academic year: Paul and Joshua, Eileen (which is not yet published) and Longevity. These projects have been specifically chosen by myself and Cartel Photos as examples of where access has had a direct effect on the work I produce and on myself as a photographer.

The idea is that my discussion will encourage other photography students from Falmouth and dare I say it – from beyond those-there borders, to share their experiences with us so we can discuss the topic further, building on each others thoughts and pushing the topic to its absolute limits…

I will post when the discussion will be available. Watch this space and gather your thoughts people!!


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