‘a poem inspired by a photo’ Robert Vieira – Death’s Birthday

Last night I did my last email check before going to bed (at this stage of the day it’s very rare I have any mail!) and to my surprise and delight I had a message from Robert Vieira with the subject: ‘a poem inspired by a photo’.

I have since learned that Robert has written around 800 short poems over the past 15 years and writes incredibly quickly (to my mind, as it will probably be 30 minutes before I send this blog post!) when he is inspired.

So it is my honour to share Robert’s poem, written on the 15th October 2014 in response to my photograph of Jean from Longevity:

Last Days

Death’s Birthday

My deathing day becomes younger all the time

As we move, more wrinkled, to the ending moment

Time is compressed and one day we will be dressed

In a way that hopefully allows us to see the infant day

The one day old looking back

The day before the end

And we will raise our eyes

Should they still move

To think about the ties of youthful times

When the deathing day was far off

When death only visited the aged

When death was much older

More removed from the leaves in which we walked

Heedless of the portent and the meaning

Of their crispy crunching under foot

Let us gather now the broken leaves of these dry days

And make bouquets for the birth of death

One day someone’s tears will make them memories of green

Copyright © 2014 by Robert Vieira all rights reserved. Image: © 2014 by Amy Romer all rights reserved

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One thought on “‘a poem inspired by a photo’ Robert Vieira – Death’s Birthday

  1. Zelma says:

    Bob’s poems are amazing; each one so moving.

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