This blog is dedicated to the work I am developing and themes in which I am exploring as a documentary photographer both independently and as a student studying BA(Hons) Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University.

The diversity of Amy Romer’s images reflect the fact that she is still very much in the early part of her career. As a dedicated fine art painter, she entered the world of photography after deciding to set up her own darkroom for a mixed media project, which was later awarded the top 10 Vocational Art & Design GCSE Double Award in the United Kingdom.

After continuing her education, which primarily focused on photography and politics she later turned down a place to study Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, for the chance to travel. Having taken her backpack across Asia, the USA and South America, she spent a year driving across Australia where she worked as a dairy farmer. Parts of these experiences have been documented but there were times where not a single photograph was taken as she states: ‘It is sometimes more important to see with your eyes than through the viewfinder.’

It was these years of travel that steered Amy’s desire to tell the story of others. Since 2012, Amy has once again been studying photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK where she is now specialising in press and editorial photography.


0001XDSC_1306 (0360) copy

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