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Dad – “People and Passion”.

I’ve been photographing Dad doing his everyday “thing” as part of a university multimedia project called “People and Passion”. He talks about his career and his thoughts as an actor and guru of poetry.

Here’s one that I think is likely to make the edit.

© Amy Romer 2015


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New photo story on its way…

I’m in the middle of captioning my new story and have asked my kind subjects Kate, John and Alfred to check over what I’ve written in order to make sure I’m not about to misinform anyone about their lives!

The story is about the relationship between Alfred and his Mother Kate. Alfred has Asperger’s syndrome.

Here’s a sneak peak of the story.

All images ©  Amy Romer 2015



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A Person At Work: Chy-an-Besow (work in progress)

After 20 hours of red light mischief, I would like to share some of my work in progress that will be going towards my Falmouth University PEP assignment ‘A Person At Work’.

I have been visiting the Bennetts family’s Chy-an-Besow free-range chicken and rare breed pig farm near Helston in West Cornwall.

Running a small farm means that duties are incredibly diverse.  As well as attending to the chickens and collecting eggs three times daily, Liam also looks after the farm’s Landrace white sows and rare breed Berkshire pigs. However, in the few afternoons I’ve spet with Liam, he has been called off to chop wood, attend on building a Cornish hedgerow and run a farmers market further down the coast. On saturday I hope to be helping the Bennetts’ serve a hog roast at a private birthday party in Porthleven.  (Yet another example of their ability to diversify!)

By spending more time with the family, gaining their trust and hopefully their friendship, I aim for them to accept me as part of the background, allowing me me make a more intimate documentation of their working lives in the weeks and possibly even months to come.

Chy002Chy006Chy005 Chy004 Chy003


All images © Amy Romer 2013


Coffee break at Maenporth Beach



All images © Amy Romer 2013

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Project Assignment – First impressions of Falmouth in one picture (a year in)



All images © Amy Romer 2013

Looking with fresh eyes can be difficult when a place starts to become familiar. I’ve been trying to step back in time to when I first moved to Penryn.

A traditional bowling green often suggests a lot about a town or suburb: old-folks, slow pace, community spirit, whites and blazers. This I’d say was my initial impression of Penryn and Falmouth.

First impressions aren’t necessarily accurate. After a year, it is clear that Penryn and Falmouth do not hold the quintessential stereotype I once gave them. However, when the Penryn hill starts to decline, I never fail to be impressed by the beautiful views overhead that lead me to the road to Falmouth.

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