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Peter and the Wolf portraits feature in the new Movement exhibition, No. 20s Bar, Penryn, 19th February – May (Private View 19th February 5pm onwards)



Come down to see more talent from Falmouth photography students where I am honoured to share my recent Peter and the Wolf portraits.

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Sculpting Falmouth Acting students


Lighting a group is far more intimidating than lighting a single person. I find the process of organising people into places incredibly difficult. So I thought it would be easier for me to get my Acting models to engage with each other in movement so that from there, I could pick out dynamic moments that worked compositionally. At points that I saw something really strong I shouted at them to stop and rearranged them as I felt necessary and took a shot. We then all looked at the shot together and collectively made suggestions about how we could improve the composition. We all decided that something more organic worked better and looked less static so after finding a really strong shape between the five of them, I asked them to move in and out of that shape to try and create something that looked less staged, but that I had more control over. It was incredibly good fun and I’m grateful to the five of them for turning up, fully in black (!) and really involving themselves in what I was trying to achieve. I think they all look stunning. Thank you super movement people for your super movement skills. X

All images © Amy Romer 2015

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Peter and the Wolf portrait

Dad narrating Peter and the Wolf to the full orchestral music, The Photography Centre, Penryn Campus, 10th February 2015


Patrick Romer aka Dad. Photograph by Amy Romer © 2015 All rights reserved.

After a morning of some bog-standard portraits whilst we both warmed up into our roles as photographer and subject and followed by a well deserved coffee break, I thought it might be interesting to photograph something that Dad is currently doing, which is rehearsing as the narrator to the composition and children story, Peter and the Wolf.

We’d discussed the moral and ethics of the story in the pub the previous evening and having had a recent lecture in narrative, music and storytelling, I was keen to listen to Prokofiev’s classic orchestral narrative and thought it might be interesting to photograph Dad reading it as we listened to it through loud speakers on YouTube.

I came to realise that I was creating a narrative with each picture I took, told through my Dad’s expression. My idea is to make an edit of the portraits I took throughout the 30 minute composition and caption each with the part of the narrative Dad is reading. You could even have the music playing if it were in an exhibition space.

It’s a bit artsy for me but I can’t help but like the idea.




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A Person At Work: Chy-an-Besow (work in progress)

After 20 hours of red light mischief, I would like to share some of my work in progress that will be going towards my Falmouth University PEP assignment ‘A Person At Work’.

I have been visiting the Bennetts family’s Chy-an-Besow free-range chicken and rare breed pig farm near Helston in West Cornwall.

Running a small farm means that duties are incredibly diverse.  As well as attending to the chickens and collecting eggs three times daily, Liam also looks after the farm’s Landrace white sows and rare breed Berkshire pigs. However, in the few afternoons I’ve spet with Liam, he has been called off to chop wood, attend on building a Cornish hedgerow and run a farmers market further down the coast. On saturday I hope to be helping the Bennetts’ serve a hog roast at a private birthday party in Porthleven.  (Yet another example of their ability to diversify!)

By spending more time with the family, gaining their trust and hopefully their friendship, I aim for them to accept me as part of the background, allowing me me make a more intimate documentation of their working lives in the weeks and possibly even months to come.

Chy002Chy006Chy005 Chy004 Chy003


All images © Amy Romer 2013


Coffee break at Maenporth Beach



All images © Amy Romer 2013

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Portraiture for Spotlight


Photographing actors portraits for Spotlight used to be a fairly prestigious affair before the digital revolution. A particular photographer would become fashionable to the actor and it became important to attach your name to the photographer’s, in order to reflect your success to prospective directors or casting agents, at least psychologically – if nothing else.

However, with such high quality digital equipment readily available to the consumer, this niche is no longer. As a result, a door is opened for semiprofessional photographers such as myself.

I consider these four images to be technically the most successful of the shoot, although I know that the client was interested in others. Out of the four, the bottom right image is most likely to get used as the expression is more neutral, suggesting a potential for multiple characters, which is important for a portrait representing an actor.



All images © Amy Romer 2013

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