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Thank you for letting me do this William Klein…

Halloween at Eden, 2013

Winter at Eden. © Amy Romer, 2013

It seems obvious to call this a photograph a failure as I have not captured the main subject in focus. However if it were not for this blurry figure and her expression, I doubt there would be anything in the frame worth looking at.

The blur speaks of spontaneity and community and we are reminded that lacking a certain amount of control can feel exhilarating in our everyday controlled environments.


William Klein – In the crowd, 5th avenue, NY 1955

I came across this picture in a lecture last week and it instantly reminded me of the girl at Eden and helped me understand why pictures like this can work so well.

The woman cuts across the frame in the opposite direction to the crowd, creating a busy and dynamic composition. This is complimented by the unusual focus on the background. The woman is reduced to a figure, but we can see all the important information we need – her expression and her class. The fact that she is out of focus gives emphasis to bustling crowd and the action within it; something Klein masters in his street photography.

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Halloween at Eden

As a busy summer of tourism comes to an end in Cornwall, the Eden Project continue to strive, producing innovative workshops for children throughout the halloween half term as well as getting ready for christmas with their purpose-built winter ice rink, proving popular each year.
All images © Amy Romer 2013
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