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Dad – “People and Passion”.

I’ve been photographing Dad doing his everyday “thing” as part of a university multimedia project called “People and Passion”. He talks about his career and his thoughts as an actor and guru of poetry.

Here’s one that I think is likely to make the edit.

© Amy Romer 2015


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Second editorial feature design: Stage One


I’ve been working on three stories and have been waiting to see how each turns out to decide which I want to use in order to create my second editorial feature.

I’ve decided to use my story about life as a part-time Dad for a brief that was entitled Fragile. Paul see’s his five year old son Joshua every other weekend. I spent one weekend with them to document their relationship and to try and capture the more tender moments between father and son and to also try and capture Joshua’s absense within Paul’s life.

As the shoot was fairly successful I have a number of pictures that I could potentially use in a photo story. So my first task is to decide how many pictures I want to use and to narrow my edit down.

I think I’ll start by looking at some editorials that use more images on the page to see how this can be achieved and to try and get an idea of how many pictures I can use realistically.

 The rules:

Unlike the first double page spread, this design is to be formed from one of our two 5 picture stories we have been working on in another module.

It can be digital or analogue and there are no constraints on the design. We have ben urged to shoot FOR the editorial, i.e. negative space for text. Although I’m not a fan of writing over images in editorial as a very loose rule, I did bare this in mind for this shoot.

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