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Alternative stories

Although I’m fairly certain I want to use Mortlake Road, these are the other two stories I could potentially use for an editorial spread.


Although I really like all these images separately, they do not link together to form a picture story.

This is from a brief called ‘A Person At Work’, where we were to summarise the title of the brief in one picture. I followed Liam, who is part of the Bennett’s family that own and run Chy-An-Besow Farm, a free-range chicken and rare breed pig farm in West Cornwall.

Liam takes part in the daily running of the farm and so I photographed him during various activities, which does not necessarily form a coherent story for an editorial.

It is possible that I could make a tight edit and only use the photographs of Liam with the chickens and form a story around the free-range element of the farm, but I can’t see how these images will form the story I’d want to tell.


For the same brief – ‘A Person At Work’, I photographed Garry Johnson, an artist blacksmith in East Cornwall. Although I was still shooting for the one picture, I managed to unconsciously create a picture story on Garry and his work.

This shoot took place after Chy-an-Besow and so maybe I was more conscious of moving in close, stepping back and creating more options for myself. I think also because we were in a small workshop, I had more time to think about the different ways of photographing rather than dealing with different scenes and photographing each scene in a few minutes.

I always knew that I couldn’t use the formal portrait but it was a picture I had to take because as he was talking to me the light became diffused and suddenly fell on his face really beautifully so it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Together, the pictures form all the elements to make a portraiture photo story suitable for an editorial format. The formal, the observed, the detail and the environmental.

I think my reservation lies in the story itself. I’m not sure how much I really have to say about artist blacksmithing, in comparison to what I have to say about Mortlake Road, which is a private family story about life-long love and the effects of dementia.

If possible, I think I’d like to do an editorial spread for both Garry Johnson and Mortlake Road. I think it would be interesting to see how I direct the two stories and deal with design, writing and editing.

All images © Amy Romer 2014






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A Person At Work: Garry Johnson – Artist Blacksmith (work in progress)

Garry Johnson started blacksmithing after spending many years working as a civil engineer both in the UK and abroad. Having made the decision to further his design skills and develop his craft, he was accepted onto the Artist Blacksmith degree course at the Hereford College of Art and Design.

At present, Garry Johnson works mostly to commission, although he particularly enjoys the freedom of creating sculpture and artwork for exhibitions. His work has been exhibited in locations such as Trafalgar Square, Glastonbury Festival and The National Trust’s Lanhydrock House as well as galleries in Islington and Chealsea and more locally in and around Cornwall.

Garry kindly allowed me to photograph him in his workshop, which is set on the edge of the beautiful Tamar Valley in Cornwall.

I was lucky that I had a brilliant choice of light to work with and Garry was happy to get on with a hot forged steel lilly he was making from scratch, whilst I worked around him, trying not to become a hazard to us both! To my great surprise and delight, I am now the owner of the lilly I had been photographing Garry making.

So thank you Garry. Here’s some pics…

It was agreed in today’s group critique that this is the photo that I should print professionally for my portfolio.

Unfortunately this portrait does not fit the project brief, but I’ve printed it for myself as it demonstrates the lovely lighting I was working with and marks the end of a successful shoot.

All images © Amy Romer 2013
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