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Scanning saves the day – extras from Mortlake Road, Kew


Mortlake Road, Kew continues. In preparation for the project being featured in Issuu’s 205dpi December Issue.

I was unable to print these images because of some alien marks on my negatives! Likely to be caused during some stage of processing.

These small cabinets are dotted around the entire house. On them sit photographs of late family members. This is my Grandfather John Romer, the founder and former chairman of the Hong Kong Natural History Society. He also grew up in Mortlake Road. In the garden, the remains of animal enclosures he made as a boy can still be found.


My father inspects the ‘My Daily Visit Records’ left by the care worker. Here, she writes what Hugh and Jean have eaten through the day and any activity they have undertaken.

All images © Amy Romer 2013

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