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Sculpting Falmouth Acting students


Lighting a group is far more intimidating than lighting a single person. I find the process of organising people into places incredibly difficult. So I thought it would be easier for me to get my Acting models to engage with each other in movement so that from there, I could pick out dynamic moments that worked compositionally. At points that I saw something really strong I shouted at them to stop and rearranged them as I felt necessary and took a shot. We then all looked at the shot together and collectively made suggestions about how we could improve the composition. We all decided that something more organic worked better and looked less static so after finding a really strong shape between the five of them, I asked them to move in and out of that shape to try and create something that looked less staged, but that I had more control over. It was incredibly good fun and I’m grateful to the five of them for turning up, fully in black (!) and really involving themselves in what I was trying to achieve. I think they all look stunning. Thank you super movement people for your super movement skills. X

All images © Amy Romer 2015

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5×4 Studio Spotlight

A visit from my Dad in December gave me the opportunity to kindly offer him the chance to acquire a 5×4 large format studio head shot for Spotlight, in return for being my studio guinea pig for the day.


All images © Amy Romer, 2014

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Mr. Zbieranowski.



An evening in the studio with Mikey Zbieranowski and Jon Denham experimenting with modifiers is an evening well spent. Not to mention a great excuse to photograph some more portraits.

Very slowly I’m feeling more confident about lighting subjects and creating a lighting environment that has the potential to house a successful portrait. 

Soon it will be time to start thinking like this…

‘…to reveal the individual before his camera, to transfer the living quality of that individual to his finished print…Not to make road maps but to record the essential truth of the subject; not to show how this person looks, but to show what he is.’

Edward Weston

© All images Amy Romer, 2013

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More studio portraiture


pierre2 print

All images © Amy Romer 2013

A good session of practicing some classic portraiture lighting. After slowly building up the use of multiple lights and reflectors, these were my favoured outcomes – simple butterfly using a softbox above and to the right, a second flood added to lighten the left side of the background and pick out the head and shoulder outline by ‘tonal interchange’ and on this second image, a hair light to pick out the outline of his hair and bring him forward out of the background.

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