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A few characters at the fortnightly Cornwall Carers meeting, The Memory Cafe, Newquay, 6th May 2014


I’d arranged with a support worker from Cornwall Carers to attend this meeting in Newquay in order to meet some of the carers and guests of the Memory Cafe, in mind of a new project I’m hoping to start for my PEP 140 module.

The memory cafe offers support and activities for guests who have memory difficulties as well as their family members or carers.


Activities are geared towards stimulating and sharing memories, generating conversation, and enjoying the company of others. All in an informal atmosphere, with tea and cake refreshments.


Guests who are carers have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of caring amongst themselves and with access to  guidance and support from professionals if required.



A natural leader and a widely loved lady, Eileen is a big contributor to the carers meeting as well as being a carer for her husband.


Jenny could hold the attention of the whole room with her very dry sense of humour and elaborate stories. There were definitely a few occasions I had to put my camera to let out my laughter.


I found the meeting to be a great deal of fun. We all made badges with our names on to help everybody remember each others names. We then took part took part in a quiz, which was used as a tool to trigger memories from historial events or names of flowers etc. This was really successful but despite that, the group was mostly lead by pure conversation with one another; telling stories, sharing memories and generally lots of  laughter.



All images © Amy Romer, 2014

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Mortlake Road, Kew

Since the early 1900s, Mortlake Road has been occupied by generations of my family. Over the years, I have listened to stories that centre around the family house. Although I am able to interpret these stories using my knowledge of the house and my imagination, these stories are no longer rememberd by the story teller – my Great Uncle Hugh, who is now suffering from dementia alongside his wife, my Great Auntie Jean.

Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens

They listen as my Father plays them a dictaphone recording of themselves in 2007 talking about the history of the house and their early relationship.

Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens

Portraits of each generation align the upstairs hallway that lead through to what Hugh once used as a study.

Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens

Jean climbing the stairs towards her bedroom.

hugh and jean004

The bedroom.


All images © Amy Romer, 2013

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