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Diggin’ It, Plymouth, 21st January, 2014


Diggin’ It is a charity that aims to support schools and isolated members of the community in the development and sustainability of gardens using organic techniques.


Dave Smith, Education Outreach Worker and only full-time, paid member of staff at Diggin’ It, Penlee.


Chili plant varieties are a favorite crop as the community is able to use them in different ways, such as to make dyes, chili powder, jams, oils, or to use them as they are.


The Disco Shed will be a place for school children to learn how to grow plants all year round without the use of sunlight. This was the idea of a volunteer who saw the technique used in a space station.


As well as rearing chickens for eggs, their manure is used in aquaponics to cultivate plants symbiotically.


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New stories on www.amyromer.com

I’ve been doing a bit of writing recently to go alongside my picture stories. Something that has been long overdue!




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A Person At Work: Stones Bakery, Falmouth


Third and final subject for my first assignment on Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University.

Out of the three shoots for A Person At Work, this is the set of images I have struggled to decide which to print to 8×10 and use for my January portfolio.

I think this is mainly because they’re the most consistent set of images. I was hoping that our group crit. earlier in the week would help me decide but it seems that all of us are undecided with equal votes for each.

We did manage to eliminate the 3rd image based on the fact that the baker in the picture was not necessarily a baker within the context of the picture.

I’ve printed the other 3 to 8×10 to see if the increase in size would help me form a decision, as is sometimes the case, but at the moment I’m still undecided.

Any thoughts? Please share.

All images © Amy Romer 2013

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