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Peter & The Wolf for exhibition, No. 20s Wine Bar, Penryn. Now – May

Having talked in my last Peter & The Wolf post about liking the idea of sequencing the series of portraits for an exhibition space alongside the written narrative, I was given the opportunity about 5 minutes after writing out the blog post (!) by Celine from Cartel Photos, to submit one image based on the subject of ‘Movement’ for the new Cartel Photos exhibition (which is now up and running until May!).

It was great to be able to share my new idea with Celine, who was immediately on board and within three days it was up in the No. 20s Wine Bar alongside twenty other great pieces of very varied work across the Institute of Photography at Falmouth University.

It’s all still there so all you Falmouth/Penryn people, go see the work…over a glass of wine.

Peter and the Wolf, Prokofiev, Movement exhibition, February - May  2015

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5×4 Studio Spotlight

A visit from my Dad in December gave me the opportunity to kindly offer him the chance to acquire a 5×4 large format studio head shot for Spotlight, in return for being my studio guinea pig for the day.


All images © Amy Romer, 2014

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Portraiture for Spotlight


Photographing actors portraits for Spotlight used to be a fairly prestigious affair before the digital revolution. A particular photographer would become fashionable to the actor and it became important to attach your name to the photographer’s, in order to reflect your success to prospective directors or casting agents, at least psychologically – if nothing else.

However, with such high quality digital equipment readily available to the consumer, this niche is no longer. As a result, a door is opened for semiprofessional photographers such as myself.

I consider these four images to be technically the most successful of the shoot, although I know that the client was interested in others. Out of the four, the bottom right image is most likely to get used as the expression is more neutral, suggesting a potential for multiple characters, which is important for a portrait representing an actor.



All images © Amy Romer 2013

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