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Carleen Woodcraft Folk, West Cornwall, February 2014

As the third and final part of ‘The Relationship’, I visited the Cornwall branch of Woodcraft Folk.

Woodcraft Folk is something I attended when I was younger. Their motto states: ‘The Woodcraft Folk is a movement for children and young people, open to everyone from birth to adult. We offer a place where children will grow in confidence, learn about the world and start to understand how to value our planet and each other.’

I want to be able to recognise the links between the social structures of children and their political and social upbringing, in mind to eventually extend this project by looking at children’s welfare across the broader society.

This seemed like a good starting place.


Most of the session consisted of playing games that involved the group as a whole.


None of the children minded me photographing them at all. It was clear there were certain friendships or relations amongst them with the girls tending to separate themselves from the boys.


Introducing the colourful parachute caused great excitement amongst them all.Image

The age gaps between the group seemed to not matter as they all happy socialised with each other during games. Image

Towards the end of the session, the children were given print out photographs of their summer camp where they were to write a poem reflecting upon their time camping in the outdoors. 

Thank you to the Cornwall Woodcraft Folk and in particular to Jan Dinsdale for welcoming me to their session. I hope to be able to work with them again in the outdoors, once the weather lets us!

All images © Amy Romer 2014

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