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Day 2: Finding ‘The Relationship’, Lyme Regis, Dorset, 3rd February 2014

There will always be a pool of people that are drawn to the outdoors, particularly to the coast, no matter what the sky is doing, but especially when it is about to do something quite dramatic.

Over the weekend, whilst trains were being cancelled, road diversions being issued and severe flood warnings being published, there was an unmistakable feeling of serenity amongst the bright skies and howling winds, as people waited for the dramas ahead.

The calm. Calm before the storm Calm before the storm




All images © Amy Romer 2014

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Searching for ‘The Relationship’, West Bay, Dorset, 2nd February 2014

For my new assignment ‘The Relationship’ I must find three subjects (as diverse as possible) that can describe ‘The Relationship’.

For the first third of the assignment, I want to explore the world of candid street photography. Its something I haven’t done a lot of myself, but I have always admired how street photographers have an eye for the more obscure moments in life; seeming to have an ability of creating something quite surreal, from something completely ordinary.

Using typically British seaside towns as my backdrop, I headed to the Dorset coast to try and find some of these moments for myself.



Couples watch as the weather draws in.


Tea and shelter.


Children play in the wind.

All images © Amy Romer 2014

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Identity crisis in Photojournalism

Identity crisis in Photojournalism

Are Photjournalists truly appreciated in the public eye?

“Anyone can get lucky with a few pictures, just like pretty much everyone has one or two dishes they’ve mastered in the kitchen,” said Brooklyn-based freelance photographer Scout Tufankjian, who has documented President Obama, the Haitian earthquake and Arab Spring. “That doesn’t mean that they can produce solid, compelling and ethically produced stories on demand. I make great hummus and kibbe. That doesn’t mean I’m capable of running a restaurant.”

“For many photojournalists, Hart included, the problem is not the iPhone, which is merely a device, after all. The problem is that using it—or any camera, professionally requires an understanding of visual storytelling, which is about sequencing and patience, framing, knowing what to exclude as much as what to include.” 

Quotes taken from:  ”Identity crisis’ in Photojournalism’, American Journalism Review.

Article by Jackie Spinner, December 2013. 

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