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The second page

How will my choice of establishing page affect the edit? 




If I am to choose this layout I have to sacrifice the following:


I don’t particularly want to lose this picture but I don’t think I can use it alongside the establishing shot. The scene is too similar despite being at different times of day. I think it’s unfortunately worth losing this in the edit in order to have the establishing shot as it is.



My original edit. I think these moments are more interesting and tell more of a story than the narrative of a typical day for Paul and Joshua, which is how I edited some of the layouts in previous blog posts. Words can easily describe the simpler pictures I’ve missed out but I think it’s pictures like some of these that give photography it’s place in art and storytelling, as words fail to describe easily these moments in our lives.

Second page design alternative




I think having six pictures that are all the same rectangular format limits the design as I don’t want to crop my images. I know in reality they might be cropped but I don’t really see a need and barely an opportunity so I’m happy to leave them.

I think between this and the original design, I prefer the original. The pictures need space between them as they work well in threes: the top being the activities and the bottom being at home.

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Design 5: Longing for Joshua


Keeping the same title, I have changed the establishing shot to one that may be more descriptive but that I can’t use as a full page bleed. This is a nice moment between father and son and works well as an establishing shot to open the story. We are introduced to both subjects and although the picture is a beautiful moment, we know from the headline that there is a story somewhere.

Possible faults: Maybe I’d like to see more of the picture in focus? I was working with really low light by this point and so I was using an aperture of f/1.4, (which is one of the reasons why I think the portrait of Josh on his own is so beautiful) but here I find despite thinking this is a lovely moment, I want more of the picture to be in focus and the fact that it isn’t makes it a little distracting.

Also, if I were to use this as an establishing image, it would rule of being able to use the following shot:


…And I think this is a shot that can’t be missed out!


Variation 1



I’ve had my eye on spreads like this from Parallax Magazine on Behance that place text partly on the image. With unfussy out of focus parts of images like this I think it works well and stands out as being a little different.

I think it works well on the picture I’ve chosen and is a design I’d happily use.


Variation 2



My Dad sent me a couple of ideas for headlines, Windows on Fatherhood being one of them. I had to phone him and ask him what it was referring to and he explained that it was the idea of the windows being the photographs, so ‘photographs of fatherhood’.

He really likes it and so do I but I’m not sure I want the attention to about the physical object of a photograph. Instead, I want people to  focus on making the story real for people.

So for this reason I think I’m going to stick with either Longing for Joshua or Me in You, You in Me.

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Design 3: Two Establishing Shots


A minor change from Design 2 as this time I have joined up the two images in the central gutter. I think for the establishing page it could be a good thing to do as these two pictures stand for one thing. They are not two separate elements to the story and neither are they the beginning of the narrative; they just act as a collective summary.



I’ve tried to see how the story works if I limit the amount of pictures within it. Below are the pictures I took out:

_MG_0394 _MG_0213

I took these two pictures out as they don’t contribute to the story as such. However, having taken them out and looking at the four that remain, I do think they contribute to the overall story about the relationship between Paul and Joshua. They are the quieter moments, which can be as important as the ‘doing’ moments.



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Rearranging Design 1


I just wanted to see what it looked like to have a more vertical second page to match the first page but I still think I prefer the way that the pictures work in a lengthways three.

I’ve also taken out two pictures that I thought could potentially be replaced by pictures I was considering. I think this picture story creates more of a narrative but I prefer the two pictures I’ve taken out to these. The question is whether this narrative is strong enough that the compromise is worth it.

This story opens with ‘Me in You, You in Me’, which tells us that the story is about the unconditional love between father and son. The detail of the tattoo also suggests that there is a story behind their relationship, without telling us too much – (hopefully just enough to make you want to turn the page!)

On the second page it is suggested that Paul has picked up Joshua and they are walking together happily into town where they get some food from McDonalds. They then go to Paul’s flat where they will spend the evening, have bath time and an intimate embrace as the day comes to an end. The story then finishes with the absence of Joshua.

If I were to use the other selection the story would be more about the relationship between father and son rather than a linear narrative of the weekend. Either can work, I just need to figure out what is more interesting and how I can write the story for it.

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Second editorial feature design: Stage One


I’ve been working on three stories and have been waiting to see how each turns out to decide which I want to use in order to create my second editorial feature.

I’ve decided to use my story about life as a part-time Dad for a brief that was entitled Fragile. Paul see’s his five year old son Joshua every other weekend. I spent one weekend with them to document their relationship and to try and capture the more tender moments between father and son and to also try and capture Joshua’s absense within Paul’s life.

As the shoot was fairly successful I have a number of pictures that I could potentially use in a photo story. So my first task is to decide how many pictures I want to use and to narrow my edit down.

I think I’ll start by looking at some editorials that use more images on the page to see how this can be achieved and to try and get an idea of how many pictures I can use realistically.

 The rules:

Unlike the first double page spread, this design is to be formed from one of our two 5 picture stories we have been working on in another module.

It can be digital or analogue and there are no constraints on the design. We have ben urged to shoot FOR the editorial, i.e. negative space for text. Although I’m not a fan of writing over images in editorial as a very loose rule, I did bare this in mind for this shoot.

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